Wisdom Words

Detail of Woodpecker tapestry designed by Will...
Detail of Woodpecker tapestry designed by William Morris. (The complete tapestry has a border and inscription.) (Identification from Linda Parry: William Morris Textiles, New York, Viking Press, 1983, ISBN 0-670-77074-4, ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“…the true secret of happiness lies in the taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life…”

-William Morris

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2 thoughts on “Wisdom Words

  1. Dear C, Missing you and thinking of you everytime I drive out to Balcom Canyon to drop off my kittie for boarding. It’s been pretty crazy around here on the health scene–as in not so good right now. Hope you are thriving!!! And missjunebug hopes to get busy writing some interesting posts again.

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