Welcoming Distractions

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So as missjunebug’s doctor once said a few years ago after viewing a pathology report that didn’t bode too well, “You have a little more work to do.”


Turns out missjunebug had a lot more work to do over the next few years, and honestly, she’s just happy to still be here, but she’s not so happy to have to go back in the hospital, that most confounding of locations to try to rest, to heal, and to get well!

So many pokes, prods, sticks, interruptions in sleep and machinery beeps! Food? Forget it. Ice chips only on the menu. Sleep? Not a chance. Vitals are checked around the clock. Blood work clocks in nice and early, too! Too bad for you, missjunebug!

But missjunebug has a plan! Thanks to wise words of Dr.O’, she knows exactly what to do: Welcome Distractions!

missjunebug will forego all those challenging book club reads (Wolf Hall–no way Thomas x 3–so confusing! The sequel?? Bringing Up the Bodies ack! No more Mantel! , Anna Karenina–catch that train later!–so depressing) and stick to the escapist fiction she craves–Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, here missjunebug comes!! Then she’ll segue straight to Netflix for a binge watch worthy of a week-long hospital sequester. Rom coms! Noir thrillers! Historical sagas! PBS Masterpiece Classics!

Eyes like buttons? Then how about a little Art Studio work on her iPad. The thrill of painting sans mess! Yeah, that’s the way to while away time transfixed. Then onto the pile of WSJ “Personal Journal” sections she’s been saving for weeks. So much fun to read to keep a finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist. Crosswords? Yes! Sudoku? Absolut! Facebook updates? What’s the latest? Stumble Upon? Certainly!

What do all these things have in common? They allow missjunebug to indulge in some pretty pointless distractions that keep her mind off the tubes (a pox upon the NG!), IVs, compression stockings, blood pressure cuffs, and thermometer readings temporarily imprisoning her like a bug in a bell jar. Oh, and the pain, too. They keep her mind off the pain. Of course, the meds help do that, too!

Indulgent distractions. No guilt.

missjunebug can be productive another time. With enough mindless distractions, she just might make it through ovarian cancer recurrence part deux.

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16 thoughts on “Welcoming Distractions

  1. Computers! Let me know if my previous reply went through.

    Another distracton- welcomed I hope.

  2. Wow! missjunebug is thrilled to have the awesome Kevin Smith check in on her!!! Don’t see any other comments though–just this one! Computers, indeed! You should see what missjunebug has to do to keep this silly blog working properly! Hope you are thriving! I know you are! And guess what? ElderJB (aka Eric) is doing marathons and multi-mile runs all across Rwanda just for fun! Take care and keep in touch!

  3. As per one of the most influential minds of our time (Still breaks my heart when I think that he is gone…what a loss). “Whatever gets you through the night”.

    You, my dear are a champion of overcoming the adversity, rallying, and thriving through the worst of conditions. Your spirit and intellectual curiosity are a beacon to us all!

    Love you and am with you in spirit..

  4. missjunebug’s fave Beatle was one smart “bug”! She will keep that very cool song in mind…It’s all right, It’s all right. Thanks so much for all good vibes, p.i.c.!!! Love to hillsx4!!!!

  5. While you’re distracting with Miss Marpel (great idea) have you checked out the Maisie Dobbs series??The first book is entitled Maisie Dobbs. I suspect you’ll love her. Setting is England post WWI.
    Book though, not NetFlix. 3 Cheers for Netflix!
    Thinking of you! Let me know when you’re up for a visit!
    Much love,

  6. MISS — JUNE — BUG

    I MISS you in JUNE and it is BUGging me that you are facing these challenges. But I know you are feeling the love from so many who think you are awesome.

    Blessings to you MJB!

  7. You deserve some PUNishment for that clever comment!!! Super fun to hear from you! missjunebug is looking forward to flying home soon! And to writing some new blog posts!! As soon as the pain meds wear off!!! 😉

  8. Miss June Bug,
    I am still finding a reason to put one foot in front of the others.
    I have no plans to run through any part of Rwanda or Africa.
    I still think back to that chance meeting at Target. There’s
    not a day I drive by Target now and not think of you. I am so
    appreciative Marolyn put me in touch with you. I look forward
    to your next post. All my thoughts are with you.

  9. So great to reconnect with you, KSmith! That was a great conversation missjunebug had with you in the Target parking lot a long day ago! You’ve got to love the small world serendipity of it all! And big thanks to gal pal Marolyn for recommending you to missjunebug’s little blog!

  10. Leave tomorrow for the annual Father-Daughter pilgrimage to
    Yosemite. It has evolved over the 20+ years. Now boyfriends
    are in tow. Base camp will be in Wawona with day trips
    throughout the park. I am hoping the falls are full, the
    smores gooey, and the mosquitoes aren’t thirsty.
    Look forward to a good report when I get back.

  11. missjunebug hopes you and your girls enjoy every minute of your Yosemite Pilgrimage/Adventure! Sounds like things are happening right on schedule if beaus are in the mix as well! Fun times ahead!!

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