This Day, A Bouquet

So missjunebug hosted a new member reception at her church last Sunday. Her gig on the Welcoming Committee (aka Evangelism Committee) has been a long one at Holy Trinity, but a fun one. Still it may be time to turn this task over to enthusiastic (read: younger) members, soon.

But on this particular Sunday, she had some fun using her dear (departed) mom’s cheery, cherry tablecloths from the 50s. Vintage plus! And she found these sweet blossoms at Gelson’s for the centerpiece. ¬†Add cookies and brownies and fruit and other goodies all ¬†contributed by some super awesome ladies of Holy Trinity and she’s pretty sure even God would have said “And it was good.”

missjunebug thinks these vivid pinky red flowerets are about the cutest blossoms she’s ever seen. She can’t remember their weird name, but no matter! She knows just where to find them.