The Case Against Packing Light

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missjunebug and her Mr.JB are heading out for a cruise adventure soon on the Regent Seven Seas Mariner. Destination: Mediterranean! She’s been busy as a bee (mixed simile since she’s a junebug!) selecting her wardrobe and thinking about the different philosophies out there regarding packing for trips.

One of her acquaintances explained how she packed for a recent trip two-week trip to Paris: twenty-two inches of carry-on only. What was her secret? Only two pairs of shoes-walking and dress, a few neutral pants and tops, one dress, and lots and lots of scarves to make each outfit look fresh and new.

Hmmm. In Paris with only two pairs of shoes? That is strictly against missjunebug’s fashionista principles. Part of the fun of the trip is the planning, anticipation, and pairing of shoes and accessories with outfits missjunebug feels good in! What’s the point of strolling down the Champs Elysees if you feel like a schlumpadink in infinitely recycled pants and tops and a few sad scarves! missjunebug appreciates the lightness of being a 22″ case affords the traveler, but give her the almost infinite capacity of her rolling duffle and Tumi wardrobe bag any day!

Another of her acquaintances created a brilliant system using Ziploc bags. One outfit per day including the underwear, bagged, zipped, ready to go. On her way to her morning shower, she grabs a Ziploc and voila! She is set! Fortunately for her, she’s svelte and her size 0-1 clothing is tiny to begin with so it easily fits into a Ziploc bag. missjunebug would need a trash size bag for her size 8/10’s! While she admires this packing system, her acquaintance occasionally finds she has underpacked since she only allows herself one Ziploc bag per day per trip. If something unusual comes up, she’s short clothes! This is tragic to missjunebug because her packing system relies on one very important one-word principle:


Yes, missjunebug takes plenty of shoes, scarves, jewelry, shirts, pants, dresses, swimsuits, wraps, work-out togs, jackets, and p.j.s to pick and choose from! Why? Two reasons: She’s got a generous weight limit (50 lbs. per two bag limit)–why not use it? and she’s a bug of many moods–what she might feel like wearing one day will simply not necessarily work for another day. That’s a fact of human psychology and believe her when she says fashion and dress are filled with psychological pay-offs and pitfalls. Just watch one episode of Gossip Girl if you don’t believe her!

Soooo, missjunebug will be filling her bags to the brim and enjoying the infinite combinations her packing plan affords!

Bon Voyage!

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6 thoughts on “The Case Against Packing Light

  1. HaHa, this crack me up since I spent the morning buying via the ever-easy internet, a new wardrobe for my hubby for our trip – we are for sure going the lighter is better route, since I find I do take WAY too many things I do not need on trips…Lighter is better for us, missjunebug, less choice means freedom to me. Fewer decisions, which are indeed what I am trying to get away from!
    Bon Voyage dear bug! Have fun!

  2. What a coincidink! missjunebug and Mr.JB just returned from the local mall buying cruise clothes for Mr.JB (too late to shop the internet!)! Mr.JB scored five pairs of khakis–various shades–for what missjunebug would pay for one pair of pants! Men! You’ve gotta love ’em! So simple! So easy! Sounds like that’s your preferred route for cruise packing, too–simple and easy! Coolio.

  3. Sounds like the Linda I know and love! Gotta have those choices!! Hope you have a wonderful trip. :)

  4. Hope your packing finesse granted you both a wonderful vacay! Welcome home, and call me! Must have fun time soon!

  5. Would you believe missjunebug used everything she brought EXCEPT her workout clothes!!! And believe her when she says it shows!!! Can’t wait to see you, roxhill!!!!

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