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A Million Degrees of Separation

Kayaking in a double on Lake Union in Seattle,...
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Today missjunebug escaped the heat with a dear friend by venturing out to Ventura Harbor to do some sublime kayaking. She left the sweltering heat on the mainland and paddled her friend’s companion Hobie kayak (super portable and inflatable!) up and down the inlets and outlets of the harbor through the watery neighborhoods of lovely waterside homes and round about the slipped boats bobbing quietly close by.

The cool thing about this little beauty of a kayak is the magic pedals that propel the craft forward. The paddles? Fugetaboutit. missjunebug found no need for them. Yes, she tried them out for a while for a little upper body workout, but believe her when she says leg power is definitely the way to go and go p.d.q!!

The weather on the water was a cool 75 degrees and the water was smooth and calm. missjunebug had some fun chatting with her friend and waving at the other big boats moving in and out of the harbor.  She even spied a few doggies hanging out on their owners’ boats, just livin’ the dream waterside.

After they were finished with their water fun, it was easy-peasy to deflate the kayaks, roll ’em up, and go! missjunebug can think of no better way to beat the million degree heat and enjoy the beauty the Ventura Harbor..well…harbors!  Lucky bug to have such a friend! Thanks, M!

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