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Daniel Caudill Knows Scheiße from Shinola

missjunebug has a fine time reading the Wall Street Journal‘s “20 Odd Questions” column. Recently she ran across the quirky 20-question interview WSJ had with Daniel Caudill of Shinola. As Creative Director of this upstart luxury made-in-America timepiece company, Mr. Caudill has some strong faith in the well-made thing. At Shinola said thing currently include a few things: watches, leather goods, bicycles, and some other odds and ends like doggie leashes.

Watches-traditional (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There were many things revealed in the interview that piqued missjunebug’s interest. Obviously, she likes his name: Daniel. That’s TinyJB’s non-internet nom! And she relates directly to his birth sign: Libra. He claims it accounts for his wanting “to make everything really pretty.” missjunebug thinks this is a worthwhile ambition in what can otherwise be a very gritty world.

His fave getaway? A spot near the Russian River in northern Cali. Cool. And his weakness? Milk chocolate! missjunebug actually considers this a strength! Mr. Caudill probably has a charming disposition because of such a fine junk-food/treat selection. And did missjunebug mention that Mr. Caudill’s object of desire if money were no object is an apartment in Paris? That’s mjb kind of thinking! Sans doute! 

But what she really found encouraging about Mr. Caudill is his fresh thinking. He wants to help make some stuff in the United States! Imagine manufacturing a luxury watch line in Detroit! Unheard of! Well, Daniel C. and the team at Shinola are doing just that! And believe missjunebug when she says these watches are fine! (Her fab Shinola timepiece is on its way from Nordie’s as she writes!)

How great that Mr. Caudill’s big time (pun intended) obsession is quality construction. Add to that the American-made obsession and triple good things can happen. Mr. C. definitely knows Scheiße from Shinola. This new iteration of an iconic American company will polish off any doubts that homegrown manufacturing is permanently stalled. Shinola is Good for the country! Good for the repurposed workers of Detroit! Good for the consumer (including mjb!). Three cheers for Shinola and the fab Mr.C!

Creating Creativity

Creativity is Not Device Dependent
Creativity is Not Device Dependent (Photo credit: eliztesch)

missjunebug has been thinking about creativity lately thanks to a Wall Street Journal article she read recently. She learned a few things and she had a few of her own ideas about creativity confirmed. The insight that missjunebug applauded is also the one she finds most personally relatable: creativity thrives in transitional times.

What are some of those transitional times?

Walks from here to there

Showers to prepare you for the rest of your day

Relaxing baths

A quick run or a leisurely jog


Falling asleep

missjunebug has a vivid memory from high school where she spent the evening grinding out trigonometry problems. She got stuck on one, gave up, went to sleep, and the next morning Voilà! She had the answer! This was close to missjunebug’s last taste of success in math altogether, but that was one heady moment for her! (She still thanks Mr. Clay for his infinite patience!). More recently, in fact a day or two ago, while she was finishing up a shower, she got the first six lines of her “In Not Of” poem that she grew into a finished piece in no time! Creativity can be elusive, but if you take the time to tap into these transitional times, missjunebug guarantees you some very creative flow!

Other creativity creators?

Try walking away from the problem to arrive at a quick solution: too much focused concentration can block creativity.

Have a relaxing glass of wine or two. Down a cold Stella and let the creative times roll!

Let your mind wander where it wants. It will often arrive at a much more creative place where you will find new inspiration for your project or problem.

Finally, in coincidental keeping with the Pantone Color of the Year 2013: Emerald, gaze at some green, that promising color of renewal and growth, to get your creative juices flowing! According the WSJ “Students with green test-cover pages gave more creative answers than those whose pages were white, blue, red, or gray.” Maybe colleges need to ditch the Blue Books for green ones!

mjbTip: Relax into your creativity!


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Dolce Far Niente: missjunebug is for it!

Woman with bound feet reclining on chaise loun...
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missjunebug is in the full embrace of dolce far niente. Yes, she has a few chores to do, a few projects to work on, a few bills to pay and a few emails to write, but in between those, she cultivates the sweetness of doing nothing.

What are missjunebug’s favorite ways to while away the sweetness of the day? Here are just a few:

Her alarm goes off early but she manages to fall back to sleep until she hears the dulcet tones of the Marketplace Morning Report on NPR. She loves those earnest and funny hosts, Kai Ryssdal, Steve Chiotakis, and Jeremy Hobson. And they always have a fresh idea to share about money matters large and small. Today’s broadcast ended on a bizarre but totally believable note. Charlie Sheen and a company he has ties with are working to trademark his infamous sayings. What a Winning! idea. missjunebug thinks such a revenue stream might come in handy since he doesn’t have a job anymore! Tant pis!

missjunebug’s next sweetness of doing nothing has more to do with sweetness than nothing: luxuriating over her morning breakfast of old-fashioned oatmeal, cooked long and slow to a perfect texture that only slightly reminds missjunebug of wallpaper paste! Slather on a little butter and a modicum of maple syrup and serve with a side of walnuts and golden raisins. Yum! No better way to start the day! Her latest find is the organic oatmeal at Sprouts that is even better than her former go-to Quaker’s!

During her breakfast time she takes a leisurely stroll through her neo-luddite paper copy of the Wall Street Journal. missjunebug has gone kindle and internet and all that but they will have to pry the morning paper made out of paper out of her cold, dead hands. She’s never giving up paper news! She’ll leave that to the generation next-ers. And, yes, she’s tried reading the news online, but to her it’s just not as easy and fun as the one she holds and folds and clips things out of to pass along or save.

After a few attempts at wrestling with her projects and other maintenance matters, she’s ready to settle in for some mindless catching up with what’s been waiting for her in that little treasure chest called the DVR. A little Mildred Pierce (ack! so dark! so depressing!) is the best attitude adjustment she can think of. missjunebug’s life is as bright as the sun in comparison with poor Mildred’s! To sort of quote Shakespeare: “Sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless (and sociopathic!!!) child,” but Kate Winslet‘s acting is pretty good. And missjunebug admires her for skipping the implants! One more video indulgence is Showtime‘s Episodes. As an occasional background actor, missjunebug can really appreciate the crazy antics of this show that reveals way-too-true truckloads of nonsense about Hollywood. Believe missjunebug when she says that show is laugh out loud funny!

A few more things to attend to then it’s outside with Spoonbug for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood. missjunebug has two walks: the Ashramy Hard Up-the-Hill Huff and Puff walk and the Spoonbug Special Stop-and-Smell-the-Fire-Hydrant Walk. When she’s interested in cultivating dolce far niente, the Spoonbug Special is the one she takes. Spoonbug is a live-in-the-moment master of dolce far niente!

After a walk, there’s just enough time to grab some iced tea, have a seat on the glider in the backyard and take in the lovely view from the Hacienda. That’s about as sweet as it gets!

If you find your life jangled with too many, too much, or too often, try a little dolce far niente. missjunebug bets you feel better just thinking about it! Ciao!

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Gratitude Attitude a Hallmark of Happiness

Thanks ElderJB for This Delightful Turkey! mjb2010
Thanks ElderJB for This Delightful Turkey! mjb2010

Happy Thanksgiving! missjunebug loves this holiday and hopes you do, too! Savory food and family and all that pie! And so much to be thankful for!

Turns out that’s a really good thing to be: thankful. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Grateful people are happier, healthier long after the leftovers are gobbled up.”

The benefits of gratitude are legion: more of all the good things we want as human beings: optimism, energy, social connections, money (!), exercise, sleep, and even resistance to viral infections!!

missjunebug encourages you to cultivate gratitude daily in a gratitude journal, in daily prayer, in meditation, or in your own special way. missjunebug writes her thanks on those little iPhone post-it notes and in her Moleskines and she concludes each evening with her Dear Lord, thank you for this day prayer. Keep it simple. Make it grateful. Amen to that!

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