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Fogo Island? One Fine Cape Verde Locale

Wow! missjunebug has been away from her post for a while! Cruising! Chemo infusions! Recovering from chemo infusions! But now her bags are unpacked, her laundry is done, and her energy has returned in time for her to share a highlight from one last trip she and Mr.JB took to wrap up 2013: a transatlantic crossing from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Western Sahara with a day on Fogo Island and a whole lot of days at sea. What did they see? Not the total solar eclipse they hoped to see (deep sigh). The clouds gathered around their Barbados-bound vessel the Sea Dream One made sure of that.

Can you spot the tiny total solar eclipse? missjunebug can't either! Photo by mjb2013
See the tiny total solar eclipse? missjunebug can’t either! Photo by mjb2013

But the day on Fogo Island did not disappoint!

First things first: the people of Fogo make all their own wine which they consume themselves! What a smart local population! No exporting required here! Of course, tourists are encouraged to enjoy a wine tasting and take a bottle back to their ship which Mr.JB thought was a fine idea! The locals probably really need that wine to cope with the fact that they live on an island that is an active volcano too, last erupting in 1995. No wonder the Portuguese named this island Fogo or Fire Island!

The volcano takes the form of a 9-km wide caldera which has walls 1 km high. That is one deep “cooking pot”! But the coolest part is the large peak that rises in the center forming the highest point of the island, 100 meters higher than the caldera’s walls. missjunebug’s reaction? Stunning! And believe her when she says she’s seen some volcanos, but none as beautiful as this one! Take a look:

Volcano Beauty!
Volcano Beauty! Photo by mjb2013

The solidified ropey lava that  surrounds the outlying areas of the volcano is a a thing of beauty in itself but tricky to walk on. missjunebug and her trusty Mr.JB did their shoe shot to highlight its tricky texture:

Lava flows: Crunchy Underfoot! Photo by mjb2013
Lava flows: Crunchy Underfoot! Photo by mjb2013
At the base of the cone, more beauty. Photo by mjb2013
At the base of the cone, more beauty. Photo by mjb2013

With all this volcanic activity, the island’s soil can support some serious plant growth. missjunebug delighted in the poinsettia plants that grow with abandon! Their beauty provides missjunebug with the perfect transition to her next blog post, yes, you guessed it: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Maybe. Maybe not.

Pretty in Pink Poinsettias
Pretty in Pink Poinsettias. Photo by mjb2013


Worth a close-up! Photo by mjb2013
Worth a close-up! Photo by mjb2013
mjbTip: Need an exotic travel destination? Consider Fogo Island for some fiery fun!
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