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missjunebug’s Very Own Money Pit

Old Ties
Image by Voxphoto via Flickr

So after the palm trees, comes the retaining wall. missjunebug has a sneaking suspicion she lives in a money pit, albeit a really nice money pit. The outlay for getting 12 Mexican palms trimmed looks like chump change compared to the cost of shoring up a falling down slope that supports the junebugs driveway. Alas, it must be done. The separation between wall and driveway grew from an inch or so the last few years to a good half foot and the cement and wooden structure put in place by the previous owners to keep the wall and the land where they are supposed to be now has air beneath only. The soil has been quietly slip, slip, slipping away for a few thousand days, so remedy was required.

But there is something particularly painful about paying for posts and railroad ties and rocky dirt that the junebugs can’t even see! Well, actually, missjunebug in looking over that last sentence realizes she doesn’t want to see that stuff, but she wants even less to pay for it. Cha Ching X a kagillion. Or at least it feels that way.

But missjunebug doesn’t want to sound too complainy. She knows how good she’s got it. And the call from The Ashram didn’t come a minute too soon. She’s outta here on Sunday for some renovation of her own on her poor beleaguered body and spirit. She’ll leave the wrap up of the Driveway Debacle to her Mr.JB.

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