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missjunebug is Thankful for “Thankfuls”

"Touchdown Jesus" at the University ...
"Touchdown Jesus" at the University of Notre Dame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

missjunebug doesn’t often quote from other blog postings but in keeping with her spiritually themed entries during Easter week (three in a series, this being the final final), she has found a reflection on the University of Notre Dame’s FaithND website that bears repeating. Out of the mouths of babes they say comes wisdom and Ms. Veselik (’14) proves the proverb with this inspiring insight:

In this blur, I often lose sight of Jesus walking beside me, just as the men on the road to Emmaus did. In the middle of the pile of papers, emails, and deadlines, I often forget to look for the ways God might be walking right beside me. In the midst of all of the chaos, my roommates and I have established a nighttime tradition, a way for each of us to reflect back and recognize where Jesus has been walking with us that day. Every night before bed, Molly, Allie, Maddie, and I each list three things that we are thankful for that day. Some days the lists go on and on, other days we have to search deeper. Over time, I have realized that during my day, things happen that make me think, “Oh, I will have to include this in ‘thankfuls’ tonight.” I have begun to be more attentive to the ways—big and small—that God is present in my life every day.

A lot of the time I am like the men on the road to Emmaus, completely oblivious to the fact that Jesus is walking right next to me, failing to see the good in the everyday. Yet, in those few minutes of reflection every day, I have become more attentive to Jesus walking alongside me and more thankful for the ways that God presents himself to me on a daily basis.

Mary Kate Veselik ‘14

Now whether or not Jesus is your Homeboy, missjunebug is sure you can appreciate the value of Mary Kate’s roommate ritual of “Thankfuls.” No better way to end the day. No clearer path to appreciating the blessings of this day and every day. missjunebug plans to try out her own “Thankfuls” and is pretty sure she can come up with three a day.

Why not join her? She’d be thankful for the company!


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Happy Easter! Happy Springtime! Happy Life!

Happy chickie says "Happy Easter"!!!

missjunebug has been away for far too long. She’s been having some fun and dealing with some unfun, kind of like the way life usually is, but she couldn’t let this day pass without wishing a Happy Easter to her faithful readers. Speaking of faith, it’s a good thing to have. She wishes you a lot of it, if you find yourself occasionally lacking in that department. It’s a really good thing to have a pocketful of to carry around with you at all times and in all places. This is as good a day as any to start thinking about getting some! Maybe even the perfect day to start thinking about it, come to think of it!

missjunebug hopes you are joined with friends and family, sharing a meal, a stimulating conversation (ElderJB is the master of ceremonies at the dinner table for starting all philosophicals!) and a moment of reflection on all there is to be grateful for!

Happy Easter! Happy Springtime! Happy Life!

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missjunebug’s Big Adventure at Agape

Agape feast 01
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This Sunday was unlike any other Sunday for missjunebug. She spent the morning with a dear friend visiting the Agape International Spiritual Center. You may have heard of Agape (Greek for unconditional love) and its founder and spiritual director Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith by way of The Secret and the Oprah show. He is the man with the braided hair, the million-dollar smile and the serene countenance who speaks eloquently about the paths to consciousness and true Self.

His spiritual center is most definitely keeping the dream alive in Culver City and beyond, welcoming newcomers warmly and focusing on a message that is transdenominational. All this and some awesome music, too! This particular Sunday Rev. Dr. Beckwith was fulfilling another dream in Ghana where he received the title of Chief conferred upon him by the leaders of a local village in charge of official ceremonies, one more title in a long list of titles awarded to this singular man! The participants in the service at Agape were delighted to see a picture of the Reverend decked out in Chieftain garb up on the big screen.

missjunebug soaked up the greetings, the affirmations, the singing and learned much from the guest speaker Mr. Matthew Fox who focused on the pressing problems the world faces using the metaphor of ying-yang to elucidate those problems. But probably the part missjunebug really appreciated the most was the half-hour of meditation that occurred before the service began. She can’t think of a better way to prepare for worship than to get centered and get quiet enough to hear the still, small voice and know that it is God.

Will missjunebug return to Agape? Maybe. But her summer hiatus is almost over and she’s ready to return to her own home congregation. The energy is a bit more subdued there, the songs not quite so lively, but heart, soul, and spirit dwell there. Blessings!

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