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missjunebug’s Not Quite Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Candy

Chocolate + Peanut Butter = Delicious x 10!
Chocolate + Peanut Butter = Delicious x 10!

One of the great benefits of closet clean-out is finding cool stuff long since forgotten. missjunebug had that very thing happen recently. What she found was a notebook of Pleistocene-era recipes she used to make on a pretty regular basis. If you ever need a sweet treat that’s easy to make and fun to eat, missjunebug encourages you to try this recipe.

missjunebug’s Not Quite Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Candy


12 oz. Nestle’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

1 cup Jif Peanut Butter (smooth or chunky, your choice)

1 cup butter softened to room temperature

4 cups C & H Powdered Sugar

9 whole Honey Maid Graham Crackers (rolled into crumbs in a Zip-Loc bag)


1. Melt the chocolate chips in mixing bowl over a saucepan of water on medium heat. Set aside.

2. Mix together the peanut butter and butter in a large mixing bowl. Add the powdered sugar and the graham cracker crumbs.

3. Combine until no dry ingredients remain. Press by hand into a 13″ x 9″ x 2″ glass pan.

4. Spread the melted chocolate chips over the pressed mixture using an off-set spatula.

5. Before refrigerating, cut into small squares. These are good to go when the chocolate is completely set.

missjunebug finds these so rich you’ll only need one small square to satisfy! Unless you are Mr.JB, of course.

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