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Some Nature! Some Science! Some Museum!: Perot Museum of Nature and Science

What an ingenious architectural achievement this building is! Photo by mjb2013
What an ingenious architectural achievement this building is! Photo by mjb2013

missjunebug has been doing some fun traveling lately, yall! She headed to Big D little a double l a s and that spells D-A-L-L-A-S, her darlin’ darlin’ Dallas! What a fine city! What a gorgeous downtown! And what a cool new museum now resides there, conveniently located right next to missjunebug’s fave traditional Tex-Mex restaurant El Fenix! What more could a little bug ask for?

A big Texas-sized thanks goes to her awesome JBBro for thinking up this fab field trip! missjunebug’s little bug brain almost exploded from all the knowledge contained in the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and its 11 permanent Exhibit Halls, five of which missjunebug fell in love with. She took a tour through the Expanding Universe Hall which was big enough to hold a 3D animated journey all the way through the solar system. So cool. Lots of deep space Hubble Telescope pics to scope out and plenty of info about the major players in the space biz: Galileo, Newton, Hershel, and Hubble to name a few.

Back here on Earth in the Rees-Jones Foundation Dynamic Earth Hall, missjunebug was terrified by tornado and hurricane videos and stood in awe of the Touch Tornado exhibit that simulates the airflows that create tornados. But perhaps the one exhibit that hit a little too close to home was the Earthquake Shake “immersive experience.” Can you say Magnitude 6.8?? Press the off button, please!

A kinder, gentler, sparklier Exhibit Hall was the Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall. The colors, size, sparkle, and crystal formations of these earthly jewels was simply staggering. missjunebug fantasized briefly about the beaucoup bling that could be made out of each these gems and minerals! She did get to open up a five- foot geode with a turn wheel that revealed more amethyst within than she’d ever seen in her little bug life. Purple, sparkly awesomeness! If you enjoy jewelry or shiny things, spend some time in the Gems and Minerals Hall.

missjunebug’s final faves were The Rose Hall of Birds and the T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall. You can’t go wrong with cool birds and some amazing fossils. missjunebug got to stretch her little bug wings and fly in the full-body fly-like-a-bird simulator. Life Then and Now is larger than life with dinosaur skeletons and replicas that rule!  Be sure to check out such fossil finds as the fierce predator Tyrannosaurus rex or the peaceful, plant-eating Alamosaurus. There’s even a mini-exhibit of the kind of colorful little plastic dinosaurs missjunebug used to play with when she was a baby bug!

Many more hands-on Exhibit Halls will captivate and educate. missjunebug recommends you see all the halls!!! Bring the grandkids and the kid in you! You’ll have a ball! Find the museum at 2201 N. Field Street Dallas, TX 75201-1704

For general information and questions email info@perotmuseum.org or call:214.428.5555

On your way out of the museum, don’t forget to stop by the super cool Museum Store. missjunebug found the best gift ever for TinyJB, but he will have to wait until Christmas to see it!

Radical Angles Enclose! Photo by mjb2013
Radical Angles Enclose! Photo by mjb2013


After perusing the Perot, play around with the green ones! Leap Frog has never been so literal! Photo by mjb2013
After perusing the Perot, play around with the green ones! Leap Frog has never been so literal! Photo by mjb2013


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The Palm Springs Art Museum Surprises!

missjunebug hearts the Palm Springs Art Museum! Photo by mjb2011

missjunebug was prepared to be underwhelmed when she decided to finally visit the Palm Springs Art Museum. She’s been traveling to Palm Springs for many years and just never got around to checking out the local art museum, thinking it was probably too small to be interesting. But contrary to popular belief, size isn’t everything! Despite its compact three and half stories–yes, there is a half story!–the Palm Springs Art Museum packs a big punch!

When missjunebug visited a few weeks ago, she found the masters–Van Gogh and Picasso and Rothko to name a few in the Simply Masterful: Picasso and Artists of the Modern Era. But all good things must come to an end and that exhibition has closed. missjunebug apologizes for the head fake, but she mentions this exhibition to show the range of art exhibited at PSAM. Along with a few choice masters, she saw some amazing glasswork, fine Western and Indian art, and some rad geometric abstractions of the 60s and 70s. What fun! What a playful range of art work!

missjunebug encourages you to consider stopping by the Palm Springs Art Museum for an accessible art experience that inspires! The PSAM is located in downtown Palm Springs on Museum Drive at Tahquitz Canyon Way, just west of N. Palm Canyon Drive at 101 Museum Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262-5659. They’re closed on Mondays, but you can plan a visit Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cost? A nominal $12.50 for adults, even less for seniors, and free for kids under 12.

The good news is that admission is FREE every Thursday from 4pm-8pm during the Palm Springs downtown Villagefest and there’s FREE admission the second Sunday of every month, too! How accommodating! So there’s simply no excuse not to tap into your inner art appreciator! Everyone has one! If you’re not convinced yet, take a look at missjunebug’s PSAM pics!

Lino Tagliapietra's "Stromboli." Photo by mjb2011


Ghostly glassy dress sculpture by Karen LaMonte captivates! Photo by mjb2011
"American Still Life" by James Urmstron is haunting and surreal. Photo by mjb2011
missjunebug has had days like this! "Apart X" by Antony Gormley. Photo by mjb2011
Beaded Bowls shine! Photo by mjb2011
Piero Dorazio's "Colorando" Plays with Color! Photo by mjb2011
Elegant arrangements of Abstract Geometrics Intrigue! Photo by mjb2011

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