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Glitch City @ missjunebug.com

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missjunebug would like to let her 10 (high estimate) readers know that she’s missing a few of her recent blog posts due to split control of domain name and host. She’s resolved that, making host and domain owner one (very Zen) (Thanks, BlueHost; Good-bye 1and1) but she’s suffered the loss of a few recent posts which may perhaps one day be fixed.

She must relearn many things she has forgotten about navigating WordPress, phpadmin, sql (not an abbreviation for squirrel) and other scary things. Wish her luck.

Meanwhile check Google for ALL her cache of past posts that are still accessible there if you are looking for a recipe (Lemony Lemon Pound Cake, for example) or a lament (Sweet Spoon: Gone Too Soon), just not here, not right now. Quel strange.

Please check in from time to time to see if she is still living in Glitch City.

Hard Drive Drives a Hard Bargain

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so missjunebug is running out of space on her hard drive and that makes her very, very sad. Yes, she writes a few (thousand) things, stores a kagillion pics on Picasa, has the usual assortment of listenable tunes on her iTunes, but she’s finally figured out (duh) where the problem lies: movies, too many of them, and by too many missjunebug means 8.

Did you know that the average movie downloaded from iTunes for the tiny sum of say $9.99 to $14.99 takes up over 1Gigabyte of hard disk drive space? Her poor little pc only has 69G and now sadly only 12 or so remain. It needs some breathing room!!!!

missjunebug embarked upon a mission to clean up her drive of extraneous movie matter by burning DVDs with the already viewed 2-times flicks. Cool. Make a playlist. Stick in the DVD. Burn baby burn!

It was the perfect storm of a plan. She deleted the movies, freed up the space, and relaxed. That is until she tried to playback the ripped DVD in iTunes. Yes, she knows there’s a warning that the DVD will not play on other players, but it’s supposed to play on the iTunes player, n’est-ce pas?

Non. Not even close. Well maybe sorta close. She played the ripped movie Stage Beauty and watched Claire Danes stop and start and stutter until mjb just couldn’t stand it any longer. Yes, the movie was there in picture and sound but it was like watching a car on the freeway just before it runs out of gas. Stop. Start. Stutter. Shudder. Shut Up!

This is not exactly what missjunebug had in mind. Then she thought about it for a while and realized she would pay that much to buy tickets to a movie at a theater she’d only ever see once, so what’s the biggie? Life’s too short to fret about imperfect copies of imperfect movies that have been viewed perfectly a couple of times already anyway. And now she’s got mass space on her hard drive, plenty of stretching room for all those little programs and files.

Is Stage Beauty worth seeing more than twice? Maybe but missjunebug has moved on to her recent download of Season One of Gossip Girl. She’s not anything if not a little bug of eclectic tastes! She has to thank ElderJB for this video tip.

Chuck Bass is the new Tim Riggins.

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1 & 1 Works!

You Better Believe missjunebug Needs This Book!   Photo by mjb2009
You Better Believe missjunebug Needs This Book! Photo by mjb2009

Tonight missjunebug just about had a heart attack when she thought she had completely lost her website.

She was scared, believe it! On her WordPress Dashboard a very insistent little icon kept coming up saying Update to 2.81. The problem was missjunebug didn’t know how to update. She was reminded of that old adage “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” when she worked her way through Filezilla to do the update manually (WordPress automatic update doesn’t work for her because she has a private webhost, the fab 1&1 Web Hosting.) When she completed the FTP (that’s File Transfer Protocal for you who are still learning computer lingo along with mjb!) she opened up her Dashboard and it looked pretty good but that little insistent icon saying Update was still there. Yeah, it was still there, but her missjunebug web page was GONE! And boy, did her little bug heart sink.

She had the presence of mind to log into her account at 1 & 1 Web Hosting and check her little blog directory. There was the heinous WordPress 2.81 update in the directory (she’d Filezilla’d that part successfully), but clearly something was not getting through to her little un-updated now-invisible blog! She called the great tech support people at 1&1 and they talked her through re-logging in because missjunebug realized she couldn’t even log back into her blank page website anymore! Which when you think about it, who wants to log into a blank page!!!! When her panic subsided and she tracked down her ridiculously long and complicated password, she got back to her dashboard while the tech lady in Mumbai put her on hold to the tune of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego! No, she is not making this up.

Then missjunebug did an inspired thing! She pressed the Update Automatically to 2.81 button just for giggles and grins. Nothing to lose now since all she had left was a blank white page for a website! And there before her little bug eyes, flashed in perfect sequence the protocols for updating her WordPress Blog and in five little seconds it was a fait accompli!!!

missjunebug cannot begin to express how happy she was to see that silly photo of the electric toothbrush on her Father’s Day post! All had been restored and her blog made right with the WordPress Update World. Did she learn anything? Hell, yeah! She has no idea what she’s doing! And she gets a second chance to do it some more…updated!

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Picture Perfect Redux

One more tweak of mjb’s picture uploading abilities: size matters. In this post/picture combo, she’s trying to match the picture size to the space allowed. Then mjb plans to move to matters not meta. And that’s a promise.

One of these things is not even close to like the other.
One of these things is not even close to like the other.

Picture Perfect

One of these things is not like the other
One of these things is not like the other

Today’s mjb mission: Find a way to upload a photo into a post. Mission Accomplished! That’s just ducky. Okay, mjb’s almost ready to get on with the true mission of this blog. Which was what? Talk about all the ideas that occur to her to talk about and offer a few suggestions and recipes for better living along the way.

Getting Better

Okay, missjunebug will be the first to admit that her first post ever was lame times ten. But in one week she’s managed to create a facebook page, get up and running on twitter, download amazon kindle to her fav device, the  iPhone, and create her very first blog using wordpress. File this in the following category: You can teach an old bug new tricks. She’s all aflutter.

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