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missjunebug’s Homage to Oprah’s Vegan Challenge

missjunebug appreciates Oprah and her almost-over-forever show, some shows more than others. Today was a some-more-than-others day! Michael Pollan of Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much. fame shared his views about coming to terms with our meat-crazy culture, and Lisa Ling gave viewers an unprecedented, up close and grisly look into a Cargill “Meat Solutions” plant. Both gave missjunebug pause.

Michael P. and Lisa L.’s comments encourage food consciousness in Americans who are oblivious and hearty meat eaters, quick to opt for fast food, an industry that helps drive the slaughter of billions of animals a year. Neither recommends going vegan necessarily, leaving that to the personal decision of the viewer, but each sees value in knowing the truth and answering honestly Where’s the beef? It’s in the Temple Grandin tunnel about to get a four-inch bolt to the brain! That’s where.

missjunebug, for one, appreciates being reminded where her hamburger comes from. It’s easy to forget when she’s just grabbing a tidy, plastic-wrapped disk of frozen bright pink meat out of her local market’s freezer. She’s been going meatless several meals a week and Mr.JB, svelte and getting svelter is fine with the idea, too. What she doesn’t get is why people want to eat pretend meat products made of soy protein isolates instead that just aren’t that good for you! Ms. Freston of Veganist fame had no hesitation in recommending these suspicious replacements for meat. Tofurkey?? No thurk you!

And that’s enough to get missjunebug thinking about a few things. Why not try to cook up some plant-based meals instead of making the knee-jerk selection of the product that resembles meat just because it resembles meat. Break free a few days a week and dig into whole grains, beans, legumes, veggies, and fruits! The possiblities are endless. Here’s just one recipe missjunebug cooked up for dinner tonight in less than 10 minutes!

missjunebug’s Tomato, Garbanzo, and Spinach Scramble Minus the Eggs


4 small tomatoes, quartered

1/2 cup garbanzo beans

1/2 bag baby spinach

1/2 T. olive oil

1/2 tsp. balsamic vinegar

Salt and pepper to taste

1/2 cooked brown rice


In a small skillet, drizzle in 1/2 T. olive oil. Heat gently. Add the quartered tomatoes, stir in the garbanzos. Add a shake or two of balsamic vinegar. Stir in the spinach and cook down to a nice juicy mix of flavors and colors. Add kosher salt and pepper to taste. Serve over brown rice. Serves one. Yum.

missjunebug's Vegan Dinner! Photo by mjb2011
missjunebug's Vegan Dinner! Photo by mjb2011

Today missjunebug was inspired by the Vegan Challenge and cooked up a little entree for dinner that fully qualified. She suggests you get inspired, too!

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