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missjunebug Wonders: Why Are Weddings So Wonderful?

Trouwringen tweekleur

Lately missjunebug has been thinking about the wonder of weddings. And she’s come up with some ideas about why they’re so wonderful (Debbie Downer Alert!) despite the fact that many marriages fail and the longer the marriage the rougher the going).

Weddings are hopeful! They affirm the couple’s love and share the hope that this is the real thing! This one will last and flourish and defy the odds! Despite all the carnage and collateral damage of divorce evident everywhere in the culture, this couple this time will make it! And the guests believe in the shiny hope for the future the lovely bride and handsome groom represent! And missjunebug believes, too! Believe her when she says she believes!

Good weddings have toasts with champagne.

Better weddings have open bars.

The best weddings have both!

If the guests aren’t fully on board with the hope thing, they can toast away any slight misgivings and really enjoy themselves! This also makes getting out on the dance floor much, much easier which brings missjunebug to her next point.

Weddings are wonderful venues for dance floor shenanigans. missjunebug believes in the power of the cool dance move. The wedding guest just needs one good one which he or she executes over and over as the music plays. missjunebug recommends Running Man. It’s fun and zippy and a really good workout! Especially in heels!

Weddings are wonderful opportunities to reconnect with friends and relatives you haven’t seen in years and haven’t managed to keep in touch with except for the occasional Facebook poke (ack! Zuck! What were you thinking!?), giving you a chance to hone your small talk skills. missjunebug can never get enough small talk and she’s sure you feel the same, too.

Weddings (like plane crashes) come in threes. If you’ve received one wedding invitation, expect two more before the year is out. WonderFUN x 3! Then expect to spend your time trolling registries to get just the right present that hasn’t already been purchased, leaving you with items under 10 dollars or over 200 dollars. Or you can be a rebel and buy a non-registry item! Risky, but commendable.

Okay, missjunebug has had her fun poking fun at weddings! She’s actually in love with the wonder of weddings and wonders daily when ElderJB and TinyJB will have a wonderful one of their own. Cue: Deep Sigh.


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Sometimes Things Just Work Out

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Last week missjunebug was checking in on facebook.com, reading a few comments here and there, enjoying smart remarks, inanities, and, some pretty cogent observations (well, maybe one cogent observation) when she saw an old friend was online who has only lately been (sort of) converted to the social network nonpareil. Actually, her very savvy  (and gorgeous) daughter set her up a facebook page that is, shall missjunebug say, a work in progress. But she digresses.

The bit of banter exchanged clumsily by facebook-style emails (so annoying)–missjunebug’s dear friend is not up to speed on the instant chat portion of facebook yet–produced the following cogent observation: “Hey, I’ve got an idea, why don’t you call me or I’ll call you!”

Brilliant! missjunebug and her friend had not talked on the phone for years, who knows how many had gone by. Too many, missjunebug is sure. But with that one magical phone connection she and her friend tripped the friendship fantastic and talked and talked and talked and talked. Husband reviews, unabashed praise of children who turned out all right despite what they did or didn’t do as parents (whew! missjunebug hears the whrrrrr of the dodged bullet streaking by!), career highpoints (missjunebug’s brainy friend is singlehandedly running a school district after strategically working her way from the classroom to the boardroom. Can you say USC phD?? Hell, yes, missjunebug’s friend can! They talked houses (exquisite burdens), health (compromised but fixable), travel (foursome va-cays? maybe, if there’s an eclipse in the mix), girlfriend roadtrips (where  and when does missjunebug sign up??) and a few hundred other topics of extreme interest to both of them.

Had much time passed since their last heart to heart? Absolutely. Did it make a difference? Only in the sense that both of them realized what a great thing they had going for them as friends and they should have never drifted apart. But as the poet says, “Yet knowing how way leads on to way…” the inevitable happened.

But wait. missjunebug is not quite finished yet with her little story. Toward the end of the conversation her friend mentioned that she and her dear Bear were attending a wedding at the weekend that was a quick 45-minute drive from Mr.JB and missjunebug’s home! Are you kidding her??? missjunebug was bug-eyed with delight that they might be able to pull off a long overdue reunion.

After all, missjunebug and Mr.JB had a lot to be grateful for where their friends were concerned: they helped arrange the blind date that has lead to 30 years of (mostly!) marital bliss!! They even made sure that not one, but two pastors (a husband and wife team) officiated at their tiny ceremony. (Attendance: 6) (Bottles of champagne consumed: 12) missjunebug’s friend possessed the prescience that missjunebug would eventually get right with God again and be super thankful she had had her marriage spiritually blessed by those in the know. How wise her friend was!

Segue to a quaint  Italian cafe in a quaint old-town setting in So-Cal. missjunebug, Mr. JB, and their dear friends spent an afternoon lunching together and laughing themselves silly about everything under the sun and more. For missjunebug, it couldn’t have come at a better time as she works her way through a few health:compromised issues. But this particular afternoon, she held all worries in abeyance and basked in the glow of friendships forged anew.

Just how lucky can one little missjunebug get? Pretty damned lucky. To have friends such as these.

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