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It’s Good to be Queen!

Check out missjunebug's shiny new wrap bracelet with added bling! Photo by mjb2012

missjunebug had some fun recently getting crafty at Queen Beads in Camarillo. This nifty bead shop is located at 1877 E. Daily Dr. Camarillo, CA 93010 (805) 987-2555. Chris Dodson, the resident Queen/owner of Queen Beads can graciously assist you in supplying all your jewelry making needs. The shop is spacious, well-organized, and fully supplied with fabulous beads and stones and buttons and wires and leather strings of all kinds to get you started making your own Chan Luu-inspired jewelry or any kind of jewelry you want.

missjunebug is a Chan Luu wannabe so under Chris’ expert direction, mjb was able to make her own wrap bracelet in just a few hours using some gorgeous coral beads. missjunebug did have to take a break during the process and run across the street to have lunch with a friend. (Yummy beef enchiladas!) But she made it back and finished her little masterpiece in no time at all. Thank goodness missjunebug’s friend who introduced her to Queen Beads, didn’t mind mjb jumping from one social event to another. missjunebug is determined to get in as much fun between rounds of chemotherapy as she possibly can!

That little wrap bracelet could not have turned out any better. Queen Chris is a natural born teacher with some awesome clipboards and clips that make weaving that little bracelet together as easy as pie. The directions are printed right on the clipboard! And the thread used to anchor the beads has a built in needle! How cool is that? Very. Very.

missjunebug’s dear friend did a neat trick herself by making her bracelet from some lovely blue-green recycled beads she’d harvested from jewelry she no longer wore. Now that’s clever! And believe missjunebug when she says her dear friend’s bracelet turned out fabulous, too!¬†missjunebug has some really smart, eco-minded friends.

So the next time you get inspired to make jewelry worthy of the Sundance Catalogue or Chan Luu’s beautiful pieces, take heart! You can do it with the help of a bead shop like Queen Beads. Look for local bead shops in your area that offer reasonably priced classes and get busy with it! Imagine the fun you’ll have, the beads you’ll recycle, and the money you’ll save! Or you can do what missjunebug did and buy brand new shiny beads to make a bracelet! Oh. my. yes. Even more fun.

Happy beading!

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Recyling at Its Shiny Best!

A Jumbly Bracelet Past Its Prime!  Photo by mjb2009
A Jumbly Bracelet Past Its Prime! Photo by mjb2009
The Final Result!  Photo by mjb2009
The Final Result! Photo by mjb2009

Mr.JB found a junky old bracelet in the bottom of his gym bag today. He thought maybe it was his girlfriend’s but happily it turned out to be missjunebug’s. (JK, Mr.JB: Remember that was your joke!) The bracelet was still sparkly but the elastic was all stretched out and the piece looked pretty sad. That did not daunt missjunebug! She grabbed her jewelry-making instruments and went to work!

A short hour or so later missjunebug had herself a nifty new necklace! It was the best kind of semi-instant gratification ever. Now she just needs MrJB to take her out somewhere so she can wear it! She hopes she doesn’t run into the girlfriend.

Beads! Beads! Beautiful Beads!

missjunebug's Fab Class Project Bracelet!  Photo by mjb2009
missjunebug's Fab Class Project Bracelet! Photo by mjb2009

missjunebug decided to shake things up a bit and expand her skill set this week by taking a jewelry making class. In three short hours her world was transformed!

She still loves to bake and to knit and to watercolor, but she’s crazy-happy about jewelry making. So far she’s made a little bracelet, her class project, and a necklace that is having a few crimp bead/clasp problems still to be solved.

But that’s part of the fun! Things fall apart (to borrow a phrase from Yeats and Achebe) and missjunebug can put them right back together with her awesome tools: crimping pliers, chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, crimps and clasps. She’s not-quite-ready-for-prime-time wire wrapping, but she’s had a few practice wraps that didn’t look horrible. So there’s hope!

missjunebug has a theory that the older women get, the more fascinated they are by jewelry. It’s their way of counterbalancing with beads and baubles what nature takes away. A sparkling La Vie Parisienne pendant necklace or a pair of drop-dead Swarovski crystal earrings draw attention away from the inevitable imperfections. Not a perfect trade-off, but hey there are a kagillion beautiful beads out there waiting to be strung into necklaces and bracelets!

There’s still plenty of room in missjunebug’s jewelry box!

mjbTip: Get crafty!

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