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Welcoming Distractions

Various scalpels
Various scalpels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So as missjunebug’s doctor once said a few years ago after viewing a pathology report that didn’t bode too well, “You have a little more work to do.”


Turns out missjunebug had a lot more work to do over the next few years, and honestly, she’s just happy to still be here, but she’s not so happy to have to go back in the hospital, that most confounding of locations to try to rest, to heal, and to get well!

So many pokes, prods, sticks, interruptions in sleep and machinery beeps! Food? Forget it. Ice chips only on the menu. Sleep? Not a chance. Vitals are checked around the clock. Blood work clocks in nice and early, too! Too bad for you, missjunebug!

But missjunebug has a plan! Thanks to wise words of Dr.O’, she knows exactly what to do: Welcome Distractions!

missjunebug will forego all those challenging book club reads (Wolf Hall–no way Thomas x 3–so confusing! The sequel?? Bringing Up the Bodies ack! No more Mantel! , Anna Karenina–catch that train later!–so depressing) and stick to the escapist fiction she craves–Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, here missjunebug comes!! Then she’ll segue straight to Netflix for a binge watch worthy of a week-long hospital sequester. Rom coms! Noir thrillers! Historical sagas! PBS Masterpiece Classics!

Eyes like buttons? Then how about a little Art Studio work on her iPad. The thrill of painting sans mess! Yeah, that’s the way to while away time transfixed. Then onto the pile of WSJ “Personal Journal” sections she’s been saving for weeks. So much fun to read to keep a finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist. Crosswords? Yes! Sudoku? Absolut! Facebook updates? What’s the latest? Stumble Upon? Certainly!

What do all these things have in common? They allow missjunebug to indulge in some pretty pointless distractions that keep her mind off the tubes (a pox upon the NG!), IVs, compression stockings, blood pressure cuffs, and thermometer readings temporarily imprisoning her like a bug in a bell jar. Oh, and the pain, too. They keep her mind off the pain. Of course, the meds help do that, too!

Indulgent distractions. No guilt.

missjunebug can be productive another time. With enough mindless distractions, she just might make it through ovarian cancer recurrence part deux.

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Dancing on the Grave at Borders

Everything Must Go! Photo by mjb2011
Everything Must Go! Photo by mjb2011

So missjunebug did something today she usually doesn’t do. She went to a store- closing-forever sale. It was the Border’s Bookstore Everything-Must-Go!-Slashing-Prices-All-Over-the-Store-30%!-40%!- Yes! Even-50%-Off Sale!!!! One town over from where missjunebug lives, this bookstore had a prime location a few doors down from one of missjunebug’s fav’s, a Nordstrom Rack and close by a Cost Plus World Market and an Old Navy. Despite being in a high traffic center, Borders just couldn’t hold on here. Of course, Border’s has a much larger, sadder story now: 200 stores closing and bankruptcy proceedings ensuing. Bummer Deluxe x 10.

missjunebug is the first to admit she has no doubt contributed to Border’s problems, with her move to Kindle via her Amazon account and the occasional iBook purchase on her iPad. Still, to lose a bookstore is never a good thing (unless of course you are one of Border’s creditors). For missjunebug, a trip to the bookstore was always rife with possibilities: a new self-help book that promised to remake her; a shiny, bright cookbook offering up new recipes for magical meals to stir up in her kitchen for Mr.JB; a riveting mystery, perhaps a P.D. James or a Christie she’d missed; or, best of all, a travel book that promised to open up a whole new world to her.

Walking up and down the aisles, taking a book from the shelf to scan a back cover or peruse a table of contents has to be one of the great simple pleasures in life. Maybe she’d buy the book or re-shelve it. Maybe she’d move on to the next aisle and the next set of books and possibilities that stretched all the way to the back wall of her imagination. She knew eventually she’d find the book she was looking for. It was always with the thought that this was the book that would change her life. And she was never wrong about that because that is exactly what books do.

But one town over from where missjunebug lives a little less of that will be going on. Sometime in April this Borders’s store will be no more. Of course, things change, stores come and go, but the shuttering of a book store seems sad, sad, sad to missjunebug.

Still, that didn’t stop her from delighting in the Everything Must Go Sale and giddily scooping up some terrific titles deeply discounted. In her little bugheart, she knows she’s the problem here, preferring to shop online most days from the convenience of her kitchen counter instead of venturing out to her local bookstores on a regular basis. She and other savvy online shoppers reap the cheap, but suffer the whirlwind of loss as well. Heraclitus said it this way, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” True Dat. Bookstores will never be the same because of e-books, internet, and online access, and maybe someday bookstores will never be at all. For her semi-local Border’s Books it’s a fait accompli and missjunebug is one of the accomplices.

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A Few Random Observations

Retailers generally favor DST. United Cigar St...
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This is not a good year for two of missjunebug’s favorite teams: the Longhorns and the Irish.

missjunebug’s dog Spoonbug is just about the sweetest creature missjunebug has ever known.

The days before Daylight Saving Time ends are ridiculous. Sunrise at 7:15. Really?

Capital One Rewards are awesome. missjunebug just purchased four monetarily significant gift cards with miles she’s “earned” by shopping, one of the things missjunebug does best. Money for nothing and the chicks are…nevermind.

missjunebug loves, loves, loves her iPhone, iPad, and Kindle and can’t imagine life without them. facebook, on the other hand, she can take or leave. Sorry, M.Z.

Homemade biscuits made with buttermilk are so much better than regular biscuits but using up the quart of buttermilk before it goes bad is impossible. Buttermilk packagers Listen up! Make smaller containers for this cooking ingredient: nobody drinks the stuff!

The best prayers are pithy. missjunebug is sure God is familiar with Strunk and White‘s Elements of Style.

Real Simple magazine is simply wonderful.

Marketplace from American Public Media on NPR rocks. missjunebug wakes up to it every morning and it never disappoints.

Working as a background actor is one of those jobs that makes missjunebug say to herself “I can’t believe I get paid for doing this!”

And blogging is more shiny-delightful than a Mason jar full of fireflies on a dark night.

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