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Yo: A Revolutionary Devolutionary App!

missjunebug loves the way the new app Yo keeps it simple.  She’s particularly fond of it because her ElderJB has used this abbreviated greeting for years, unless, of course, he’s super enthusiastic and then he says: Yo Yo.

Yes, that’s right: there is an app for that. An app that sends a greeting/affirmation/confirmation/dispensation/rectification/notification in two simple letters: Yo. Tired of texting and getting misunderstood because of aggressive autocorrection? Try Yo. Need to let someone know they need to contact you or assist you? Try Yo. Want to keep in touch with a significant other and just let them know you are thinking of them with a two-letter shout out? You gotta go for Yo.

English: Pedro Flores Yo-yo Circ. 1928-1929
English: Pedro Flores Yo-yo Circ. 1928-1929 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, missjunebug is not making this app up! Its creation was commissioned by Moshe Hogeg who grew weary of texting laboriously to his assistant, for…well…assistance. Mr. Hogeg is the CEO of Mobli, a photo and video sharing service who contacted Or Arbel, a former techie employee at Mobli to figure out how to solve Hogeg’s problem. Arbel came up with Yo, the app that allows users to say Yo to their contacts and like ElderJB, if they are really enthusiastic they can double tap the contact and send out a Yo Yo.

Can missjunebug hear a What What?

Before you scoff her off, be warned that Yo (It’s That Simple) has been financed to the tune of a cool million bucks and an equal amount of priceless buzz. Some of that buzz comes from Mr. Hogeg who sees a whole new way to do lightweight, unobtrusive communications with those people we are in close contact with that are, yes, in our contacts!

missjunebug wonders how soon Mark Z. will scoop up this laconic app with the two-letter one-word lexicon. P.D.Q. she suspects.

missjunebug also wonders about all the ways Yo can communicate some useful messages when Mr. Hogeg’s team finesses this app. Yo: Notify a missjunebug reader that there’s a new post to read? Maybe. Yo: Let a soccer fan track World Cup goals scored? Why not?

Keep your sweetie from feeling neglected? Yo. Yo.

It’s all about the Yo.