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The Mini-Series Netflix-Style

missjunebug and her trusty Mr.JB have discovered a couple of worthwhile films on Netflix that do not require a gazillion hour binge-watch commitment. Just a few hours over a couple of days or mini-binge them if you must!

The first is Generation War  (“Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter” Original German title), literally “Our mothers, our fathers” is a three-episode drama depicting the lives of five German friends facing a bittersweet Auf Wiedersehen in 1941 and promising each other to meet again in Berlin at Christmas when the war is over. Not so fast, meine Kinder! This is World War II missjunebug is talking about and its end was a long time coming as Generation War reveals in tragic detail.

A map of German front of the Second World War ...
A map of German front of the Second World War circa 1941-1942. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To say the way the Germans are depicted here (naïve, optimistic, and well outside the Nazi war machine at least in their heart of hearts, if not in their actions) is controversial to say the least, but it makes for some fine cinematic viewing with excellent acting and commendable film craft. Seven million Germans can’t be wrong: the number who tuned into Generation War when it was aired in Germany in March 2013. No doubt worth your tune in time, too. 

If you are in need of a House of Cards type fix, check out The Politician’s Husband for your next Netflix miniseries. This earnest , sometimes disturbing, and always entertaining look at the MPs and PMs of Britain will make you appreciate the current do-nothing Congress. The political intrigues are set within a close look at a marriage that begins solid but soon suffers from the clash of ego with desire. David Tennant and Emily Watson play the power couple who go for broke, but end up gold when they serve up revenge, a dish we all know is best served cold.  Fun times!

mjbTip: To cleanse the bad taste of The Politician’s Husband, watch one of missjunebug’s fave films of all time from the Land of Keep Calm and Carry On: The Winslow Boy. May Right Be Done! Copy that.