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Glitch City @ missjunebug.com

Glitch logo
Glitch logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

missjunebug would like to let her 10 (high estimate) readers know that she’s missing a few of her recent blog posts due to split control of domain name and host. She’s resolved that, making host and domain owner one (very Zen) (Thanks, BlueHost; Good-bye 1and1) but she’s suffered the loss of a few recent posts which may perhaps one day be fixed.

She must relearn many things she has forgotten about navigating WordPress, phpadmin, sql (not an abbreviation for squirrel) and other scary things. Wish her luck.

Meanwhile check Google for ALL her cache of past posts that are still accessible there if you are looking for a recipe (Lemony Lemon Pound Cake, for example) or a lament (Sweet Spoon: Gone Too Soon), just not here, not right now. Quel strange.

Please check in from time to time to see if she is still living in Glitch City.