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Coca Cola Company Gets Creative

Ticket for free glass of Coca-Cola, believed t...
Ticket for free glass of Coca-Cola, believed to be the first coupon ever. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

missjunebug has spent more than a few blog posts praising the wonderful taste of Coca Cola, her final remaining vice. But rest assured she only occasionally indulges her love of the burn-at-the-back-of-the-throat sensation! No really.

That said (read: confessed), today’s post is in praise of the global experimentation Coca Cola is up to in improving their products.

Coke is going green with Coca Cola Life, a product currently being marketed in Argentina. Love that Classic Cursive white on red or red on white script? Now think green! A stevia + sugar-sweetened drink with half the calories of Coca Cola Classic has been rolled out for lucky Argentinians to enjoy with a stevia-inspired green design. Will it go worldwide? Time will tell! But missjunebug likes the idea of using the plant-based sweetener plus a little sugar to keep the taste close to the Real Thing.

What’s next for the world according to Coke? How about a Coca Cola in an ice bottle with that familiar cursive etched into the bottle? You read that right! The bottle is made from 100% frozen water with just a slim rubber red band stamped with the Coke logo that provides a comfortable hold while you drink down the super cold pause that refreshes. After you have satisfied your thirst, the bottle goes the way of the typical ice cube and melts away!

Lucky Columbia is the only country currently selling the ice bottle, mostly at beaches (at the rate of  approximately 265 bottles per hour by beachside vendors!!), but if the early results are any indication, Coke might just roll out this environmentally friendly no-recycling-required icy container to the rest of the world. Brilliant! Green! Flavorful!

missjunebug salutes Coca Cola for its innovation, environmental awareness and design fun–that red bracelet is wearable and super cool!

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Over Resolutions for 1/1/11

Macro photograph of coca-cola bubbles.
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missjunebug has a new plan for a new year: Over Resolutions.

Here are hers for 2011:

Experiences over Things

Face Time over Facebook

Kindle over Paper

Clean Foods over Crap Foods

Walking hills over just walking

Water over Coca Cola (That’s a tough one!)

Travel over the Travel Channel

Cruise Vacays over just about any other kind

Coffee Break French over Rosetta Stone French

Clutter Free over Clutter Challenged (Sure to take all of 2011!)

Breakfast Out over Dinner Out (Pete’s Breakfast House here missjunebug comes!!)

Angry Birds over Twitter

Words with Friends over just about any other app missjunebug has on her iPhone

Retail therapy over Real therapy

Cancer Survivor over Cancer Patient

A better 2011 over 2010!!

Have a happy, healthy New Year from missjunebug!

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