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This Little Sticker Takes You on a Walk Through Three Chinese Dynasties! Photo by mjb2011

missjunebug should probably be booted from blogging for that post title, but oh well. She has a few observations and recommendations that don’t really deserve more than a passing mention so she’s lumping them all together in a pretty disorganized media miscellany. So here goes:

She finds it pretty cool that Ken Burn’s new PBS documentary Prohibition is airing in close proximity to the new season for HBO‘s acclaimed series Boardwalk Empire. Sometimes the stars and planets align perfectly to provide delight. Most poignant scene in B.E‘s first episode? The Great War’s veteran and partner to upstart Jimmy Darmody tucked away in his room meticulously cutting out pictures of happy families from magazines and carefully glueing them into his scrapbook of Impossible Dreams for a Normal Life (missjunebug’s title!). Not likely to happen with half a face. Heartwrench!

Speaking of heartwrench: AplusK plus Mrs.Kutcher no more? To quote Project Runway’s Nina Garcia, “It’s just so sad!” But missjunebug will take AplusK’s advice and not assume anything! She hopes for the best for both. And she’d like to remind the gossips and the media stalkers of this powerful celebrity duo of the wise Jewish proverb: “What you don’t see with your eyes, don’t invent with your tongue.”

missjunebug’s fav cooking series on HGTV worth a look: Chopped! hosted by one of the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy guys. The money part of the show? The competition is completed in just one hour! No need to watch week after week to see who wins. missjunebug knows you know how many talent/reality HGTV shows use the tune-in-forever-to-figure-out-who-wins format. Annoying x 10. The chefs in Chopped! have wack ingredients for three menu items: appetizer, entree, and dessert. And voila! A loser is mercilessly chopped round by round until there’s one chef standing. All within one hour! Brilliant!

New series actor not to be missed? Zooey Deschanel on New Girl. What a quirky, lovable character she plays! missjunebug suspects she is not working against type in playing the zany Jess. The beauty part to missjunebug is that she’s playing a teacher who is not too cool for school like that red meanie Sue Sylvester! Jess’s just right! And so is Z. Deschanel.

Best movie bet: Moneyball with Brad Pitt. missjunebug is a football fan from way, way back; baseball? not so much. But Moneyball is about thinking outside the box or the baseline, not baseball per se. It also doesn’t hurt to see it at the local Muvico with her p.i.c. in luxe seats while eating free popcorn and drinking a Pilsner glass full of Stella. Oh. my. yes. Time well spent. missjunebug’s SAG vote for best male performance in a film in 2011 will mos def go to Mr. Pitt.

One last popular goings-on: The new exhibit at missjunebug’s and Mr.JB’s fav museum: The Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. The curators here must have a direct line to Beijing and Xian because they’ve done it again putting together a rad collection of Chinese artifacts in their new show Warriors, Tombs, and Temples. missjunebug has one word for it: AWESOME. Find out all you need to know about W,T & T at www.bowers.org. Take a walk through Chinese history wending your way from the cruel Qin to the civilizing Han through the talented Tang dynasty. The audio tour is erudite but accessible; the artifacts, from the Xian terracotta warriors to the containers for the Buddha’s finger bone are fierce! Don’t miss this!

One last thing: Before Ocktoberfest ends, have a pretzel! Drink a beer! Eat a brat! missjunebug had the good fortune to enjoy homemade pretzels made by her inspired Mr.JB who just returned from Munich where he imbibed with the rest of the Ocktoberfesters!  So get your Pretzel On!

Pretzel Perfection! At Least Taste Wise! Thanks, Mr.JB! Photo by mjb2011



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Xie-xie to Bowers Museum for Awesome Silk Road Exhibition!

Ancient Travelers Leave Their Secrets Along the Silk Road of China! Photo by mjb2010
Ancient Travelers Leave Their Secrets Along the Silk Road of China! Photo by mjb2010

Just when Mr.JB and missjunebug begin to talk nostalgically about their travels to China last year and the year before, along comes the Bowers Museum with an exhibition to supply that longing with perfectly selected artifacts, tastefully presented, and fully explained in an audio tour! Last year it was the Terra Cotta Warriors that supplied the need; this year the Bowers has something even better: the first showing ever of Chinese mummies in the U.S. A preposterous coup for curators of the museum!

Way to negotiate, President Peter Keller and board member Anne Shih with the Xinhiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum and the Xinjiang Institute of Archeology to secure the two amazing mummies and the other fine artifacts for public viewing!

In the 150-item exhibit, the museum goer will find two of the most amazingly well preserved Caucasoid mummies he or she is likely to see anywhere in the world. The “Beauty of Xiaohe” is the star of the show. In the audio tour Victor Mair professor of Chinese language and literature nicknames her the Marlene Dietrich of the Desert  for her  haunting, captivating beauty. missjunebug’s take on her: No botox needed here thanks to the dessicating salt and hot sand environment that encapsulated and preserved her. The beauty abides at 3800 years old!

The other mummy in the exhibit is a swaddled baby perfectly cocooned in a blanket, blue stones covering tiny eyes. Along side the baby, an ancient “baby bottle” fashioned from a goat’s udder will no doubt provide nourishment in the after life. missjunebug hopes this little one fairs better there.

In addition to the fab mummies, there are a pleasing plethora of artifacts, textiles, statuary, and many other ancient wonders to delight the eye and fill the mind with wonder. Don’t miss the veiled lady on horseback, the bronze eyeshades, the nifty slippers, the intricate robes of Yingpan Man, a mummy who didn’t make the trip but whose funeral clothing did! missjunebug wonders what he’s wearing now.

There is even a mouthwatering exhibit of a 1,000 year old wonton, a spring roll complete with dessicated goodies still inside, and a delightful and perfectly shaped chrysanthemum dessert that looks, well, good enough to eat!!

missjunebug encourages all her readers to check out this fine exhibit! Here are the necessary details:

Bowers Museum   2002 N. Main Street   Santa Ana, CA

Through July 25: 10am-4pm  Tuesdays-Sundays

A bargain at $16-$20

missjunebug encourages you to order tickets online at www.bowers.org and have them ready for you at Will Call. Parking is a measly 2 dollars! You can’t beat these numbers, people. Hop in your car next weekend and get some China culture going. The next thing you know you’ll be booking your flight to Beijing and traveling west along the Silk Road to find out these amazing secrets for yourself first hand.

The Grand Entrance! Photo by mjb2010
The Grand Entrance! Photo by mjb2010
Interior Courtyard Delights! Photo by mjb2010
Interior Courtyard Delights! Photo by mjb2010
Beauty of Oxen Secured in Stone. Photo by mjb2010
Beauty of Oxen Secured in Stone. Photo by mjb2010
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