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You Can Teach an Old Bug Colorful New Tricks!

missjunebug's Kinda Sorta Color Wheel! Photo by mjb2011
missjunebug's Kinda Sorta Color Wheel! Photo by mjb2011

missjunebug has recently returned to college! She’s taking a class at the very school where she used to teach. She’s pretty sure it’s more fun to do one homework assignment than to grade 30! Especially if it’s art homework! The very cool class she’s enrolled in is called 2 Dimensional Design, a course that provides a firm foundation for other art courses offered. She enrolled on an impulse, not much on t.v. one night as she did a quick internet tour of current classes at her local community college and a couple of clicks later Voila! She’s an art student!  On Fridays from 9-4! for 18 weeks! Yikes!

Actually, it’s turned out to be a blast, once she got past her worry of being the oldest one in the class and the one least versed in art. As it turns out she IS the oldest one in the class, but not the least versed in art thanks to years of accidental art study in museums and a few wrestling matches with watercolor paints and brushes–the brushes always won!

She’s had fun learning things about color, composition, line, and a dab of art history for good measure. Her professor has awesome art chops and shows in galleries around the world and is all of 25 or so years old. He’s on his way to making it in the REAL art world of moneyed collectors who call all the shots of who makes it and who doesn’t. missjunebug is sure her prof will make it! Why is she so sure? Because if he can manage to teach this old bug new tricks, he can do anything!

Need a lift? Want to embrace a new hobby? Expand your intellectual abilities? Take a tip from missjunebug and enroll in a class at your local community college! As Mr.JB and missjunebug always said while paying for ElderJB and TinyJB’s educations: No dollars better spent than those spent on education!

Believe missjunebug when she says, “Community college classes are the best bargain in town for those education dollars!”

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