Ode to Candy Corn

English: Candy corn, specifically Brach's cand...
English: Candy corn, specifically Brach's candy corn. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

White pointy head

Orange body quadrilateral

Yellow Gumby feet

Bite the base first,

Then the body.

Save the tippy tip

for last: a light, bright,

sugary sweet tiny bite.

“Made with Real Honey”

offers the perfect pretext

to eat first one

then another

and another to 19 for

a less than 150



missjunebug wants to assure you that her love of Brach’s Candy Corn–yes it has to be Brach’s–is unleashed only once a year on the First Day of Fall, give or take a day or two for just a few weeks. This seasonal favorite recalls all the best of autumn days giving way to the spooky nights of October and culminating in carved pumpkins and costumed revelry.  missjunebug encourages you to think about your seasonal favs and to join her in her seasonal cheer: “All for Fall!”

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10 thoughts on “Ode to Candy Corn

  1. One year I gained five pounds, due only to my love of the little triangle devils….not allowed in my house any more…

  2. They also have candy corn m&ms…my boys thought they were great. We have not seen the candy corn oreos, but now I will be looking to buy those.

  3. My husband loves candy corn year ’round. His coworkers sometimes buy it for him to thank him for a job well done. One of them recently bought him some springtime candy corn that was NOT Brach’s, NOT the right colors, and NOT good!

  4. Candy Corn is a lot like Coca-Cola: sometimes you’ve just got to have the real thing. Oh yeah, wow, they also both have lots and lots of corn syrup!–Coincidence? missjunebug thinks not!! Happy to find there are other devoted Brach’s Candy Corn lovers out there like your cool hub. A pox upon pastel CC and red and green reindeer “teeth” Bleah.

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