missjunebug’s Pumpkins in a Pot

A Bumper Crop! Two, count 'em Two Pumpkins!!! Photo by mjb2014
A Bumper Crop! Two, count ’em Two Pumpkins!!! Photo by mjb2014

missjunebug has been thinking about growing pumpkins for a long time. A few years ago she tried a little plot down by her barn and had some healthy vines with beautiful yellow-gold blossoms thriving for the briefest while: gophers took out the roots and dashed all mjb’s hopes for homegrown pumpkins. Sigh.

This year she tried again with a clever internet idea (Thanks, Google! The question: Can I grow pumpkins in a pot?). The answer, yes! But despite the promising prodigious growth of leaves and vines and blossoms from her Home Depot 2″ pot pumpkin plant, missjunebug’s less-than-bumper crop was tiny x 2.

Mr.JB thinks most of the blossoms didn’t get fertilized. missjunebug thinks most of the blossoms weren’t ever open long enough to get fertilized due to the sometimes shady spot she placed the pot.

No matter. She will enjoy the two she grew this year and try again next year in a raised bed that’s gopher proof. Happy Fall! Happy Halloween!

4 thoughts on “missjunebug’s Pumpkins in a Pot

  1. Spent a delightful morning vicariously enjoying MJB’s travels and adventures. I’ve noted the mini-series and will watch them soon! Most pumpkins looked smaller this year if local patches were indicative. Love the pursuit! Hope to see you soon!

  2. missjunebug misses you!!! Please come to Thanksgiving at Maria’s! mjb knows you’ve been invited!!!! Thanks for checking up on her little neglected blog! mjb needs to get busy posting more often!!!

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