Carbohydrates are the Devil!

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missjunebug watched a very interesting documentary last night on her fabulous instant view Netflix account. Fathead takes on the Super-Size Me documentary and pretty much dismantles its pseudo-science as well as its anecdotal portrayal of a guy who overconsumes McDonald’s intent on proving how heinous fast food franchises are. According to the Fathead documentary that’s just a bunch of bologna! Tom Naughton’s experiment of one month of fast food contributed to a lowering of his cholesterol (the bad LDL) and bringing his weight down by over 12 pounds. His doctor couldn’t believe it and yet, there it was. The throwback to a carb inhibited, high fat, high protein diet a la Atkins made for a slimmer, healthier Tom N.

missjunebug will leave it to you to decide which camp you’re in, but her take away lesson from Fathead and the entertaining nay-sayer Tom Naughton is that fast food isn’t the problem. Run amok carb consumption is.

As the universe would have it, a day after watching this funny but cogent documentary, missjunebug tuned into Dr. Oz today where Gary Taubes was taking apart limb by limb, or should missjunebug say carb by carb, Dr. Oz’s low fat, low calorie, complex carb-based diet that is the mantra of many these days. Taube’s book Good Calories, Bad Calories embraces the theory that insulin spikes from carb consumption grow fat cells and keep people from losing weight who are sensitive to carbs. The calories in/calories out just may not explain everything after all.

So what’s a junebug to do? This must she knows for sure, the sugar’s got to go and Dr. Gott probably had it right all along with his No Sugar, No Flour Diet. She plans to err on the side of less sugar rather than more and to save those delicious French baguettes for special occasions. Or at least she can try. Meh.

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6 thoughts on “Carbohydrates are the Devil!

  1. Interesting. I went to high school with Tom Naughton’s wife. She has been promoting the documentary on Facebook, etc. but I haven’t taken the time to watch. Small world. I definitely believe there is something about the carbs, though.

  2. Don’t you just love Netflix? If I taught Mrs. HOY how to stream it to her iPad, I would never see her again.

    Both of us are “Worn Shoe Diet” where we walk to the store to buy groceries. The two mile walk to Sprouts is doing wonders for our health and we tend to buy leafy things since they are light enough to carry on the two mile track back home.

  3. Brilliant, HOY and Mrs.HOY!!! I am also an afficianado of the “Worn Shoe Diet.” I take the uphill walk to the water tower on my street, huffing and puffing all the way. Wish it were a Sprouts instead, but that’s the price missjunebug pays for semi-rural serenity! As for the iPad and Netflix: best combination since the peanut butter and jelly sandwich was invented! You must let Mrs.HOY in on the secret! She’ll love you even more!!!!!

  4. Wow, Beth E., small world indeed. The wife is in the documentary and she is a cutie. They have a fun scene together that reveals her sense of humor as well as Tom’s. Check out the doc. when you’re finished with the docs. missjunebug knows you’ve been busy lately being the good daughter. She applauds you BIG TIME! And, yes, sadly, there IS something about the carbs. Sniff. Sniff. missjunebug is going to miss them!

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