About missjunebug


Here’s what you need to know about missjunebug: Surprise! She’s not a bug. It’s a metaphorical name she’s chosen for her very first blog that conjures up spring nights, cool breezes, rebirth, fresh ideas, sweet tea, and tasty conversation on the porch.

Okay, there aren’t too many porches any more and most of you probably sweeten your drinks with those little yellow or blue packets, but missjunebug wants to have a conversation with you anyway.¬†missjunebug’s tastes are eclectic and evolving. She’s fond of reminding people of one of her favorite phrases when interacting with anyone in matters of taste: De gustibus non est disputandum. She’s pretty sure that’s what makes life so interesting.

Each of us has our own tastes, likes, dislikes, opinions, rants, and raves that match no other on the planet. But this particular swath of internet space will share with you missjunebug’s. No one else but missjunebug’s nowhere else but here at missjunebug.com. She invites you to come along with her.

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